Croatian Genealogy QuickGuide™

Croatian Genealogy QuickGuide™

Croatian genealogy
My family’s Croatian roots were originally hidden.
After research I discovered that my grandmother’s
“Hungarian” family had actually originated in northern Croatia.


Croatian genealogy can be a challenging area, yet those who are up to the task can be rewarded with great discoveries.

I am privileged to be able to delve into the heritage of my great-grandparents’ who hailed from near the Hungarian border in the northernmost region of Croatia. The country is diverse, and so are the stories of the peoples who have lived within its borders. The historical influence of many different nations, peoples and cultures and the variety of languages found within Croatian records can test the skills of even an experienced genealogist.

My Croatian Genealogy QuickGuide™
is a resource for both experienced researchers
and those new to tracing their Croatian roots

In partnership with Legacy Family Tree, I have published an aid for your quest for Croatian roots: my Croatian Genealogy QuickGuide™, a downloadable resource that includes –

  • An overview of the history and geography of Croatia
  • Details about the types and whereabouts of available records
  • A description of the various types of archives and repositories that house Croatian records
  • An explanation of the numerous languages in which Croatian records were written
  • A glossary of common terms in several of those languages
  • Links to many types of online resources (genealogy guides, translation tools, maps, forums, blogs and more)
  • A list of genealogy-related publications in both English and Croatian
  • A research strategy to follow for success in tracing your Croatian roots

One of the kind editors who took the time to preview this little guide for me wrote a note on the sidebar during the editing process: “You’re practically handing them their family trees!” Well, not quite, but it is my hope that this resource will act as a compass when you’re feeling lost in the world of Croatian genealogy.

If nothing else, I hope it will inspire you to take up the project again (or for the first time). Working on this project has definitely done that for me. I am proud to be the descendant of my Croatian-American great-grandparents and am greatly looking forward to digging more deeply into my Croatian roots. I hope you will join me.


Update: All three of my genealogy guides are also available as Amazon Kindle eBooks. Whether you have a Kindle (or use the free Kindle app on your computer, tablet or smartphone) you can now have handy access to these guides in eBook format.

What’s the difference? The PDF downloads are in a compressed format and make the guide compact for easier printing and sliding into the rings of a notebook. The eBooks include the same content laid out into book format, so they have more pages. They would use up more paper if printed, yet are easily scrollable using a Kindle or Kindle app. My preference is the PDF download format, but both are easy to use and include the same research guide content.

For more details about the other QuickGuides™ I’ve authored, see: My new Hungarian Genealogy QuickGuide™: Trace your roots in the land of the Magyars and My new Catholic Genealogy QuickGuide™: Let me help you find those Catholic ancestors.

Happy researching!

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