Different blogs, different branches of the family tree

I began writing several blogs about various branches of my family tree in 2007. This was certainly not the beginning of my interest in genealogy, however. I’ve been researching my family’s story for more than a quarter of a century. You can read a little background at: Why Do I Trace My Family Tree?

I initially began blogging to share with my extended family what I had learned. (See The Gift of the Photograph: Uniting Families With Their History for the full story.) Instead, I found that my readers often included many others: those with a connection to the places, cultures and other subjects that I write about. My hope is that as I continue to write I will help to encourage others, particularly young people, to gain a better understanding and appreciation of their own place in history.

Besides here at smallestleaf.com, you can find me at four different spots within the blogsphere:

100 Years in America focuses on my Hungarian and Croatian immigrant roots in New York City.

Small-leaved Shamrock is the home of the stories about my railroading, coal mining Civil War era Irish Pennsylvania ancestors.

A Light That Shines Again is where I write about my famine-Irish ancestors who immigrated to Boston, Massachusetts.

I am also a contributing author for The Catholic Gene, a blog dedicated to researching our Catholic roots.


Smallest Leaf